Widefield Cemetery

Number of Recorded Burials: 7

In September 1949, Kittie Paster Fryhofer, chairperson of the committee to erect a memorial to pioneers buried in the Mesa Cemetery (now Pioneer Park), spoke at the dedication of the memorial. In her speech, she mentioned other early burial grounds in the county, including one in Widefield:

"A graveyard was started on a hillside east of Widefield as early as 1863 or 64. Names are remembered of seven people buried there: Viola Beeson, Lucy Stubbs Miller and her baby, Minnie Roberts, Connie McWhinney, Mrs. Lanahan, and Joe Meeson. The burial ground is entirely obliterated. No trace of it whatever remains."

A copy of the speech is in the archives at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

The Colorado Springs Gazette (February 6, 1875, page 3, column 2) has the following death announcement:

"Died At Widefield Station, on Wednesday Morning last, the infant daughter of Lee and Jennie McWinney."

If this infant daughter is Connie named above, she died February 3, 1875.

The newspaper index doesn't list other possible matches with names of people buried at Widefield.