St. Luke's Lutheran Cemetery

Cut-off Date: 26 August 1998
Number of Burials: 14
Volunteers: Milton D. and Mary Lou Lake
Special Thanks: Harry and Pearlie Geist, Mr. and Mrs. August Lindt Jr.

St. Luke's Lutheran Cemetery is located in southeastern El Paso County. The Colorado Cemetery Directory also refers to it as St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery. From Colorado Springs, take Highway 94 east for 21 miles; turn south on Yoder Road and go six miles; turn east on Fossinger Road and go two miles. Turn south on Boone Road and go four miles, then turn east on Shear Road and go six miles to Johnson Road. The cemetery is located in a fenced field close to the road. It has four elm trees. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the grave's coordinates are latitude 3841 39.2 N and longitude 10403 48.5 W. For permission to access the site, contact Harry Geist, 38050 Myers Road, Yoder, CO 80864.

Frederick Eichman Sr. deeded the land to the German Evangelical Lutheran St. Luke's Church at Kendrick, Colo., on March 19, 1921. August Lindt Jr. maintains the cemetery. A 1971 extraction published in the Colorado Genealogist, volume 34, page 33, lists the three Grasmick children with the surname Grassmick and all dying in 1924 of scarlet fever. It also lists names and dates from the August Lindt II family Bible.

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