Sons of Israel Cemetery

Cut-off Date: 10 March 2000
Number of Burials:
Jane and Ernie Newman, Rusty and Jan Winters, Milton D. and Mary Lou Lake
Special Thanks: Dr. Robert P. Fineberg and Sol Mayer, cochairmen, Cemetery Committee, Temple Shalom; Brian Glusman, Rabbi, Temple Shalom

The Sons of Israel Cemetery lies adjacent to the city-owned Evergreen Cemetery at 1005 S. Hancock Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903. To access it, take the main entrance to Evergreen Cemetery. At the far end of the parking lot on the right is a dirt road that parallels an Evergreen Cemetery fence. Follow the road approximately one mile to the cemetery on the right. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the cemetery's coordinates are latitude 3848 50.9 N and longitude 10447 59.7 W.

Joseph H. Ryan conveyed the cemetery land to the Sons of Israel Association on February 18, 1903. The first known burial is that of Louis Cohen, who died May 21, 1903. There are a few graves without dates or markers. The cemetery is a partly wooded, well-maintained area with a commanding view of the Front Range. It has room for approximately one thousand burials.

Burial in the cemetery is done in accordance with Conservative-Orthodox Jewish traditions: All persons interred must be Jewish by birth or conversion. All persons interred must face east. A man may be buried next to any male but may be buried next to a female only if she is either his wife, mother, sister, or daughter. Cremated remains may not be buried in this cemetery. The cemetery is accessible daily except on Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) and all major Jewish holidays. Sexton records are maintained by Dr. Robert P. Fineberg, phone (719) 578-5370, e-mail:

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