Scott Grave

This single grave is reported by the Colorado Cemetery Directory to be that of a little girl, surnamed Scott, whose father accidentally ran over her with a iron-wheeled wagon. It was thought by the compilers to be possibly located in Section 15, Township 12 South, Range 63 West, and the owner's name is given as John Scott, who owned and farmed land in Sections 14 and 24, Township 12 South, Range 63 West. However, in September 2000, John's daughter Norma had no knowledge of a burial of a little girl Scott on property that was her father's, nor did John Scott ever own land in Section 15. She says it may be a confusion with a baby girl, the child of a hired hand, who is buried in what's known in the Directory as Rural Cemetery No. 1, which is also on land owned by her father and now herself. Considering the evidence, it's possible the Scott Grave site never existed.