A.F. Air Force
ag age
age 61-5-20. The first number is years, second number is months, and third number is days. This example means the person was 61 years, 5 months, 20 days old at time of death.
b: born in or born on
b/o brother of
Batry, Btry. Battery
blt. built
BN. Battalion
Brig.Gen. Brigadier General
Bur w/ Buried with
c/o child of
Cav. Cavalry
Co. County
Col. Colonel
Comdt. Commandant
Cpl. Corporal
CWO. Chief Warrant Officer
d: died in
d/o daughter of
d, dys. day or days
D.A.R. Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Society
dau. daughter
Div. Division
dt, dt. date
f/o father of
Fld. Arty. Field Artillery
fm from
F.O.E. Fraternal Order of Eagles
g-son grandson
gr. great or grand
gr.gnd. great grand (son or daughter)
grt. granddau. great granddaughter
h/o husband of
husb. husband
Inf. Infantry
1/Lt. First Lieutenant
2/Lt. Second Lieutenant
Lt. Lieutenant
Lt./Col. Lieutenant Colonel
Lt./J.G. Lieutenant Junior Grade
m/o mother of
m, md: married
M, mo, mos month or months
M/Sgt. Master Sergeant
Maj. Major
mvd. moved
nat. native
Pfc. Private First Class
Pvt. Private
Q M/Sgt. Quarter Master Sergeant
Regt., Rgt. Regiment
s/o son of
S/2C Sergeant Second Class
S/Sgt. Staff Sergeant
SC/1 Seaman First Class
Sgt. Sergeant
Sfc. Sergeant First Class
Sgt./Maj. Sergeant major
shpd., ship'd shipped
Sp. Am. War Spanish American War
T/Sgt. Tech Sergeant
World War One or World War Two
w/ with
w/o wife of
y, yr, yrs year or years