Fourmile Cemetery

Cut-off Date: October 2000
Names: 273
Volunteers: Les Heinemann, Charles Manry
Special Thanks: Charlotte and Keith Bumgarner

To reach Fourmile Cemetery, turn south from Highway 24 onto County Road 1 at Florissant and drive 7.1 miles. Turn right at the cemetery sign and drive about a quarter of a mile to the fenced cemetery. The cemetery sits on a east-facing slope, partially covered by ponderosa pine. It looks out over an open prairie onto the western slope of Pikes Peak. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the cemetery's coordinates are 3850'51.0"N and 10516'38.4"W.

The cemetery was established in 1875 and is administered by the Fourmile Cemetery Association. Sexton records are maintained by Charlotte and Keith Bumgarner, 6778 County Road 102, Guffy, CO 80820; phone: (719) 689-2485. The cemetery blocks are well marked with iron stakes at the corners and numbered posts. Each block has four or five graves; north of the original road, plot numbers increase south to north; south of the original road, they increase north to south.

Near the entrance is a kiosk honoring veterans. It was erected on Memorial Day 1999 by the VFW Post 11411 and Auxiliary and has brass plates with veterans' names and service.

The cemetery was previously transcribed and published in Teller County, Colorado, Church and Cemetery Records by Carol Loudermilk-Edwards (Westminster, Colo.: Carol Loudermilk-Edwards, 1983), which includes the original Fourmile Cemetery record book, and Residents of Sunnyside Cemetery, Victor, Colorado, and Fourmile Cemetery, Fourmile Community, CO, 1875-1988 by Miralyn S. Keske (Victor, Colo.: Keske Publishing Company, 1989).

Fourmile Cemetery data (plot order)

Fourmile Cemetery map