Forest View Cemetery

Number of Burials: 3

The Colorado Genealogist, volume 34, page 34, published a 1971 transcription of the cemetery:

Infant Son BRITTON, born 24 JUL 1892, died 24 JUL 1892, son of S[tanley] J. & M.P. BRITTON

C.C. NIELSEN, born 15 MAR 1904, died 29 SEP 1904, daughter of Harry [marker says Henry] NIELSEN

Infant Son NIELSEN, born 10 FEB 1922, died 16 FEB 1922, son of Henry NIELSEN

On April 19, 1976, the El Paso county commissioners voted to let the three burials still marked in this cemetery to be moved to allow for the extension of Woodmen Road eastward to meet Templeton Gap, South Black Forest, and Falcon Roads (Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, April 20,1976). These three markers are now together in the Eastonville Cemetery, in Black Forest to the northeast. The cemetery had an earlier brush with encroaching civilization, reported November 3, 1959, by the Gazette Telegraph, page 8. Work on a supper club ground to a halt when it was reported to the county commissioners that earth-moving equipment may have disturbed some of the graves. The sheriff investigated and found six marked graves, including those listed above. One county official noted that a burial had been made there as late as 1948.

The article reports that the cemetery had probably been part of a ranch owned by Charles Long, who died in 1906. It was located on a triangular plot northwest of the intersection of Templeton Gap Road and Highways 110 and 189.