Chico Basin Cemetery

Cut-off Date: 1 December 1998
Number of Burials: 96
Volunteers: Marjorie Kline, Milton D. and Mary Lou Lake
Special Thanks: Doris E. Powers

Chico Basin Cemetery is on the plains east of Colorado Springs. Take Highway 94 east for 12 miles to Peyton Highway. Turn south and proceed for 15 miles to Powers Road. The cemetery is located on the northeast corner of Powers and Peyton Highway. It is enclosed by a fence, with the gate on Powers Road. According to GPS-derived geolocation (accurate to within 10 meters), the cemetery's coordinates are latitude 3837'20.5"N and longitude 10427'33.7"W.

The cemetery has also been known as Hanover Cemetery. Mrs. Doris E. Powers maintained sexton information until her death in 1999. Dave Million, 17675 Peyton Hwy., Colorado Springs, CO 80928, is now in charge of the sexton records.

Information on the cemetery was first extracted in 1971 and published in Colorado Genealogist, volume 34, page 16.

Chico Basin Cemetery data (by plot)

Chico Basin Cemetery map