Cemetery Project Methodology

The PPGS El Paso County Cemetery Project began in 1996 under the presidency of Marjorie Rapp (1996-97). It continued under the presidency of Melba Mayall (1998-1999). It was completed in 2000 under the presidency of J Richards. Cemetery Project chairs were Milton D. Lake (1996-99) and Linda Masden Vixie (2000), who created this CD-ROM; scores of volunteers contributed their time and energies to this huge task, and their efforts are most appreciated.

This disk contains information on all the known burial sites in the county, with more than 77,000 names included. The Evergreen Cemetery database is complete only through 1972 and Shrine of Remembrance has not given PPGS permission to index its interments, so they are incomplete.

With the exception of Evergreen Cemetery, these databases were produced in a format that maintains the relative location of all burial plots, thereby preserving the integrity of cemetery layout for research purposes. The terms used to describe burial location varies for each cemetery but generally some variation of Section, Block, Row, Lot, and Plot is used.

Also in the surname index are maiden names, other surnames, and alternate spellings of surnames, all which point to the individual's primary record. Individuals mentioned on markers but not buried there (such as parents or spouses) are listed in the surname index with an exclamation mark (!) next to their surname and reference the location of the associated headstone.

Note that surnames with an internal capital letter (McDonald, MacDonald, etc.) have been formatted with a space (MC DONALD, MAC DONALD) for readability. This will change how you should do searches with your browser's "Find" function.

The information in the Inscriptions, Discrepancies, and Comments fields may include discrepancies between the marker and sexton records, additional inscriptions, or comments. In addition, the undertaker, if available, is listed following the designation "U."

Evergreen Cemetery was indexed at an earlier date and does not follow these methods.

Although we've made every effort to accurately record the tombstone inscriptions and burial records, you may find errors or omissions. We'd like to correct the errors and add any pertinent additional information to future publications. Please send your correspondence to PPGS Cemetery Project, P.O. Box 1262, Colorado Springs, CO 80901.