Thanks go to the many volunteers from the LDS Family History Center and the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Special thanks to Athlyn Luzier. This was her dream and hope to help researchers to better find their family. She so graciously shared her hard work and material to be published by the Pikes Peak Genealogical Society.

Thanks to Bonnie Yorgason for coordinating the project in getting people to volunteer their time. Her steadfastness is most appreciated. Without her help, the following two individual's talents would not have been known.

Thanks to Mary Jo Hale for the years and numerous hours of writing and rechecking all of the names for data entry.

Thanks to Valerie Lair for the countless hours of typing the vast amount of material and the frustration of getting these in some order on the computer database.

And finally, thanks to those unnamed people that helped with this project over the many years.